These blog posts are a retrospective look at House of Commons 2009-2019
as I prepare this season,
to end this beloved project,
with love and lots of thank yous.

House of Commons 2009-2019


It’s true, House of Commons is losing its House. Our big, beloved art home will be torn down for more #torontocondos in 2019.

I’m not one to dwell, life has always proven far more interesting when I’ve considered endings necessary fuel for What’s Next. .

My mission however, before diving into What’s Next (which, don’t worry, you’re invited )

... is to END this project well. 

How many Endings get the love, shout-outs and gratitude they deserve? Especially in this harrowing industry... not many crews who build with you, stay.. much less come back... much less live upstairs ;) .

I’ve been a bit of a nomad most of my life...having been fired, let-go, dramatically quit and irresponsibly left mid-shift for good surf more than a few times as I’ve tried to figure out my place and voice in this industry. In this world really. 

Though @tofinolivin, gave me the best /sweetest send-off.. twice I think.

HOC has been graced with an unbelievable roster of creativity in its mission to support up-and-coming talent ⚡️and created over 1000 unique dinner tables, brunch parties, weddings, micro-concerts, art shows and salons in the last 10 years.

It’s going to be hard digging up photos of everyone who has contributed to this project.. especially since I didn’t allow blackberries or cameras at the table for the first 6yrs. 

I’m excited to spread the love for every soul who has inspired or built with me in each of the 3 secret locations a.k.a my homes. .

Stay tuned for
•the retrospectives
•stories and confessions of running a restaurant in my home
•an 1960’s style sit-in (in protest of Toronto’s community-building/artistic spaces continuous threatened by terrible, sky-swallowing, grey, greedy shoebox living)
•HOC’s last season of programming .

Taking suggestions for how to throw a perfect party to end a decade of HOC