These blog posts are a retrospective look at House of Commons 2009-2019
as I prepare this season,
to end this beloved project,
with love and lots of thank yous.

Ionian Sea Dream

This is where @thehofc started: daydreaming circa 2009 in the Ionian Sea. 

A much needed break from #restaurantlife - in 3 years I had gone from server/bartender/nomad to renovations/openings/GM. Not a trajectory I recommend- but that’s another story. .

At that time, if I wasn’t 30% in over my head~ I wasn’t living.

Ionian Sea, ITHAKI

Ionian Sea, ITHAKI



checking out of Toronto restaurant-life
checking in to Lefkada beaches in Greece

The work hard / play hard movement was just coming to a temporary close. The recession had hit and though I didn’t feel it’s immediate impact ~ I watched 1/2 my clientele lose their expense accounts, social habits, Thursday night dance parties a.k.a my livelihood. I needed to re-think how I wanted to be living and what kind of hospitality I wanted to be a part of....


When in Greece, I recommend bringing an Athanasia Blounas @misfitsandflytraps
She’s so boss.
She’ll show you the ropes, find the best beaches and complain when you insist on sleeping.


I was obsessed with ancient cultures as a kid (still am) so it wasn’t Santorini on my agenda... but the older, lesser travelled coast. Ithaca. Odyssey. Phoenicia. Pan’s last known address.

I found a Sea that drank my weariness and let me drift dimensions. It gifted me some of the best dreams, olive groves and peeled a subtle layer of life back. It wasn’t outwardly poignant, but I had swam into my charmed life again. She had been lost in a busy busy city. The blue expanse put me back on a course to create again.