These blog posts are a retrospective look at House of Commons 2009-2019
as I prepare this season,
to end this beloved project,
with love and lots of thank yous.

Life's Little Feasts


Up the mountains of Ithaki, Stavros, Kephalonia. The rich experiences of travel, seed so many of my creative endeavours. HOC’s inception began exploring the Ionian Islands ~ I’d come to a seemingly empty patio like this, taking a break from illegally driving that little moped and pull up a wobbly wood chair. 



Like every small town, they know you are there, before you actually see anyone... suddenly there is a plate of bread, olives, table wine. Someone asking if you’ll stay for dinner? So and so’s brother went fishing this morning... fresh squid, octopus, sardines 


You realize the patio is just a backyard of someone’s house, as neighbours come sit, asking where you are from. Aprons are tied on while hair curlers are being pulled out. Aunties bring honey from across the road and their eligible sons. 


I dearly love the sudden spur of kitchen movement~ especially up a mountain, in a town of 10 houses. I can’t see it, but I can hear the back door swinging open with scramble of kids being sent to find missing ingredients 


It’s 4 hours later, food keeps coming, another set of lucky travellers and half the town have joined what was a rest, then a meal and now an endless experience. String lights come on at dusk, the 8th course is served and a fiddle comes out. You have 25 new friends, eating with their hands, who have yet to speak a word of English.


Can I tell you how at home my heart is, in a world where this happens. I feel at peace and inspired all the while not even knowing where exactly I am on a map. Quite honestly, this patio in Stavros happens to me, on the regular. 


I have some specific karma in this life, including learning the hard way, constantly being lost and embodying a type of restlessness in my soul that makes it hard to find constancy.
My specific karma however, that keeps leading me to days like these ~ I happily carry.
I consider it the undercurrent of my life and immeasurably valuable. 

The idea wasn’t to replicate that day (and long night) in Stavros by creating House of Commons - but instead, I asked myself how can I allow this river of inspired connection, this endless adventure and this spontaneous joy to flow through my own home?
What was supposed to be a 2 week trip turned into almost 2 months - I found all the impromtu dinners up the west coast from Kephalonia to Corfu. I was home in late September with that fall fresh energy and my travel-infused ideas. As luck would have it, I had just signed the lease on a new apartment on Dundas West - one with a big bay window overlooking trees and a salon big enough for my first adult purchase… the dinner table.